Frequently Asked Questions

No, only a month-to-month lease, and we require at least 30-day notice when vacating a unit.

We have storage units of all different sizes: 6×9, 9×12, 10×010,10×12,13×26, 13×28, 13×52, 26×26.

Yes, a security deposit is due at the time of rental, and is usually the same amount as your monthly rent.

Yes, we have regular security that patrols the area. Although we do not have gates, we are right across the street from the Sheriff station, and we are currently undergoing an upgrade.

⦁ There are several ways to pay, but the most convenient and secure way is through credit card Auto-pay. Please call to set-up your credit card on monthly automatic billing.

You can also:
⦁ Drop your check or money order (no cash please) in our secure drop box located at 985 West Forest Street Brigham City, Utah.
⦁ Mail your check or money order (no cash please) to:
⦁ P.O. Box 1194
Centerville, UT. 84014
⦁ Call in your credit card payment over the phone at: (435) 494-0115

Yes, we do offer units that are 14, 15 feet high. You can also have units big enough to fit trucks, cars, jet ski’s, and other all-terrain vehicles.


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